Storage backend configuration

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Storage backend configuration

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I was able to setup Mayan-EDMS to use Minio as storage backend. I read the doc at and based on this post: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=478&p=1076&hilit=Minio#p1076 I edited DOCUMENTS_STORAGE_BACKEND_ARGUMENTS to be '{access_key: ACCESSKEY12345, secret_key: SECRETKEY12345, bucket_name: mayan, endpoint_url: "http://<ip of my Minio instance>:9000", verify; False}'

Now everything works, but I just blindly copied the parameters from the post. How would I knew that I had to add the 'endpoint_url' and 'verify' arguments. Also, understanding what 'endpoint_url' does is quite straightforward, but I have no idea what the 'verify' argument does.

Where I can find information about the keys/values that can be passed to DOCUMENTS_STORAGE_BACKEND_ARGUMENTS ?

I tried to look at the django-storages doc, no success. I also bought the mayan pre-release book (a really good book btw) , the only occurence of DOCUMENTS_STORAGE_BACKEND_ARGUMENTS is at page 203 and but doesn't include information about these parameters.

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Re: Storage backend configuration

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Verify = false is to disable strict https certificate checking I believe. If you're running minio over https then by default it's with a self-signed certificate and if verify was set to true (the default I think) the certificate validation would fail.

You make a good point on the endpoint-url. This is needed for anyone not using S3 so Django knows which S3 URL to use. ... on-S3.html makes reference to the verify option (AWS_S3_VERIFY).

I notice though that the S3 docs haven't been reproduced in the 3.3.6 version of the documentation. @rosarior is this intentional? If not then I can submit a MR to the latest docs and add back in object storage + notes for third party S3 compatible services
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