Mayan and Nextcloud

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Mayan and Nextcloud

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I've set up a docker-compose with both Mayan and Nextcloud working with LetsEncrypt (using nginx proxy). Both apps are up and running.

I have a volume created called ncdata and reference it as follows:

- ncdata:/var/www/html/data (for NextCloud)

- ncdata:/staging_files (for Mayan)

I'd like to be able to use my NextCloud data folder as a staging folder for Mayan, but I've run into the problem that NextCloud creates the files as user www-data and then I get a permissions error from Mayan (I assume because Mayan is using the mayan user).

I'm new to: docker, docker-compose, Mayan, and Nextcloud, and rusty on my Linux, so maybe it is something trivial...

Has anyone done anything like this or have some suggestions?


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