Using Mayan EDMS on jBPM

Anything concerning integration via the REST API
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Using Mayan EDMS on jBPM

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Hello there.

I am preparing one little-size application based on jBPM (RedHat's open source implementation of a Business Process Manager; it is also known as jBoss BPM or Red Hat Process Automation Manager). That is, having a web service modelled as a bunch of processes, using the jBPM platform to avoid having to program and maintain lower level code than the modelling of the processes theyself.

We would have some audit requirements to make us to have some easy way to look over documentation collected, generated and archived. And I found Mayan as a really nice OpenSource document managing system with a lot of interesting capabilities and only focused on document managing, without other non-related capabilities.

Given this background, I was writing this to state my intention to use and, if needed, make an implementation for a library to link both jBPM and MayanEDMS (see ... alling-cms and Note that jBPM is based in Java and Mayan is on Python, but with those given APIs I think it would be enough for jBPM to have the ability of saving, updating, metadating... the documents and having a document managing panel in Mayan for auditing and searching in documents. As well as having the ability to divide the backups between documents and their metadata and the rest of the processing manager, so smaller 'independent' backups to store (not really independent, but much info can be recovered from only of one of those backups).

I would like to know both if that lib has already been developed and made public and if any person with experience on using Mayan for half-automated systems would be available to share its experience.

At a following stage, I would like also to integrate the login part with the also RedHat's maintained opensource project Keycloack.

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Re: Using Mayan EDMS on jBPM

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To my knowledge, no one has published such a library so far or done work in that area. Neither for jBPM or Keycloak (currently only LDAP is supported, there is no support for SAML or OIDC, but there is a feature request for such).

In terms of sharing knowledge on how to do this, this is exactly what a custom Mayan consulting agreement would be for (and largely beyond the scope of this forum bar other community contributions). You can email to discuss requirements and obtain assistance and quotes on this.
Please bear with us during the current global situation. The team all have families and local communities to look after as well as the community here. Responses may be delayed during this time, but rest assured we will get to your query eventually.
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