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Re: LDAP integration

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rosarior wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:24 pm
This is a contributed example file and we need feedback from the community to fine tune it.

The file goes in the "mayan_settings" folder located in the "media" folder. For Docker this is the normal data volume.

The error:

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Module "mayan.settings" does not define a "EmailOrUsernameModelBackend"
means the setting is being picked up.

You can remove

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. My guess is that the original author of the file wanted Mayan to fallback to its default authentication system if the LDAP authentication attempt failed.
To clarify, do any of LDAP integrations you've seen allow for fallback to local authentication? We would like local accounts for mayan admin access, but I guess we could also create some username_edms accounts specific for administration.

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