Way of knowing which role is giving permission

Hi, I find myself in the need of some help, if there is a way of knowing this it would help a lot.
Lets see this example…a user is in 2 groups, (each group is connected to one role) so the users gets the permissions for ROLE 1 and ROLE 2, and at the hour of seeing documents it has access to all the documents that any of the two roles is giving permissions to…
Is there a way to know, in regards to each document, which role (of the both) is giving the permissions for that document?


To audit the ACLs, use the “Global ACLs” view. It is found in the “Setup” view.

Auditing the permissions at the document level is not available and it is good suggestion. This could be a future addition. Thanks!

that would be a great addition, cause (at least in my case) we have cases where one user has more that one role, and that leads to cases where they get access to many documents, but we need to filter by which role they are getting access to it