Using Minio as a locally running container

I managed to get the Mayan EDMS running on a minikube environment with the default storage option set. I would like to now try to setup the system to use a locally running Minio container. Does anyone have any experience with this using a Kubernetes environment?

Any tips on the setup of the helm chart Values.yml file would be much appreciated …

This is how I’ve set it up now:

    argument: "{'endpoint_url':'http://localhost:9001','access_key':'{{ .Values.minio.accessKey.password }}','secret_key':'{{ .Values.minio.secretKey.password }}','bucket_name':'{{ .Values.minio.defaultBuckets }}'}"
    type: objectLocal

Thanks in advance!

Yes, object storage is the way to go for Kubernetes unless you use a distributed filesystem like LongHorn.

The Helm Chart that includes PostgreSQL, Redis, and RabbitMQ has been renamed to a “Stack” chart and won’t be worked on much longer. We are focusing on the new Helm Chart that only deploys Mayan EDMS and expects the other services to already be present. This way user can decided which chart they want to use for the services instead of the chart we included which did not worked for all use cases.

The new chart is also available as a Helm repo at

helm repo add mayan-edms

If you want to try it please note that both charts are not compatible. Attempting to manage an existing deployment with the other chart will have unpredictable results. Backup the files and database, uninstall the deployment, deploy the services with their respective charts, restore database and files, and then deploy Mayan with the new chart.

Not oficial yet, so there is no index.html so nothing will show up in the browser, but feedback will help us get this to General Availability faster.