Transition trigger user null

Hi, I have been working with mayan for a while now, and I have noticed that when you look at the log_entries for a workflow_instance, you can see that each result has a user, but every time I get user: null…
I guess its because all of the transitions events I use are done by a trigger (in this case, the attach/detach of a tag)
If thats the case, is there a way to add, the user responsible for activating the trigger? This would help to keep a log of the user responsible for changing the state of the document
Thanks in advance!


I will have to look at the code responsible for this but at the surface the behavior looks correct. There is no actor because it is an automatic action.

This will require adding the ability to specify a proxy user for an event either in the events system (which we don’t control) or in the workflow system (not good because it will be a single purpose solution).

This is a tough one. I’ll present it for discussion. We’ve been considering removing the 3rd party library we use to power the events system to add new features, and this one more reason to justify that plan.

Great, from what I see, that is the expected behavior, cause as you said there is no actor cause it is an automatic action
For now I managed to change how i was managing the change of status from trigger change to “manual”, which does get the user correctly, thanks for the reply!

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