Training for peers at the office

I’m implementing Mayan at the office, however I am planning to provide training to several employees. Does anyone know who could help me with this? (remote)


You have several options available.

  • You can request forum members to help you in their personal or professional manner.
  • You can buy the book. It was created to also work as a training manual.
  • Post a job opening in any freelancing website.
  • Hire members of the Mayan EDMS core team to do the training.
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Thank you for creating such wonderful and elegant solution.

I know probably it’s not too widespread but certainly is a great tool.

I tried looking for a training option at the website but no luck, that’s why I posted in the forum.

Do you know to whom should I adresss my needs?

Mayan EDMS is quite popular in the enterprise, government, and academia sector as you can see in the website.

The Docker image has been downloaded more that 9 million times:

Training is covered under the custom contract option.

You can send and email to with some information like the number of people taking the training, current proficiency level, target proficiency level, language, timezone, company name, company website, intended use of Mayan in your company, aspects of the product to focus on.

This will help provide a quote for the training.

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