Tags not showing in search fields in the backend

Hi I have been working with mayan for a while now, and this is the first time I run into this problem, it was working fine just last week…

When I create a document from the web backend or when working with workflows and setting the action “attach tag” or “remove tag”…i can’t see the tags that I have created

Usually a list with all of the tags appeared and I could select anyone of them, but now there is no list (although it is finding them, because when what I write does not match any tag a sign appears BUT if it matches nothings appears) and I can’t select anything

I haven’t changed anything regarding tags or search, so I have no idea why its not working now

Anyone has any idea what could it be?

this is whats appears in the console

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This is related to this commit:

It added HTML sanitization to the tags appearance widget to avoid cross site scripting.

The spelling of the new JavaScript function looks correct. It could be that the upgrade did not finished correctly or the browser is caching an old version of the JavaScript code. Purge the browser cache to see if it fixes the issue.