Specific S3 budget of object storage for each document type

I have 2 document types and 2 S3 bucket with different storage classes, and I want to storage each document types in different bucket:

* bucket:
    * bucket_order: S3 Standard-Infrequent Access(less frequently accessed data - low cost)
    * bucket_sales_contracts: S3 Standard(frequently accessed data - high cost)
* document_type:
    * order_type: After uploading these documents, it ussually don't get any access or download request, so I want to store it in bucket_order
    * sale_contracts_type: these documents ussually get request to access, download or update. So I want to store it in bucket_sale_contracts.

But in this document, I know that only 1 bucket can config with all of document types: Object Storage — Mayan EDMS 4.4.4 documentation . When you config MAYAN_DOCUMENTS_FILE_STORAGE_BACKEND_ARGUMENTS, you can only choose one bucket.
So do we have any other ways to config multiple document types with multiple S3 buckets ? Please help

This is possible but requires a document router. Document routers are unique for each individual use and are not yet a general availability features. Customization is done via a support contract: Mayan EDMS