Smart link by document type - query error


Just trying to set up my first ever smart link along the lines of the exercise given in the book. That is, by document type.

Here’s what I did:

  1. System → Setup → Smart links → Create new
  2. Label: “by document type”
  3. Dynamic label: {{ document.document_type }}
  4. Conditions:
    Foreign document field dropdown:
    Document type.Label
    is equal to
    {{ document.document_type}}
  5. Document types → Add all

Now, I go to All documents and click on any document’s name to get a Preview. From there, I click on the ‘Smart links’ in the sidebar. That gives me a table with three columns: Label, Views and Actions. Under Actions, there’s this blue button Documents. I click on it and get No documents available PLUS two identical red error boxes in the upper right corner:

Resolved smart link query error: Could not parse the remainder: ‘document_type’ from ‘document.document_type’

For the record, I tried changing the Foreign document field to Document.Label, but it didn’t help. No documents available and two error boxes.

Please advise.