Sharing the document to people outside organization

My company stores all the document on the DMS and want to allow some of our vendors to be able to read some document without the need for them to login.

The ideal case is we have document: Invoice-Nov.pdf and can share the access to this document to vendor A. We don’t want to share all the invoices to this vendor. And we don’t need to create user account for this vendor to login to the DMS also.

Does anyone know how to achieve this in Mayan EDMS?

Difficult. To grant access to documents the user MUST authenticate in some way. How do you protect invoices from Vendor A to not make them accessible to Vendor B?

Since it would be techically possible, I personally would not allow external vendors to access my companie’s DMS directly. Instead one idea was to have an intermediate service/script which pulls documents from Mayan and takes them to a sharing service for your vendors (wetransfer, nextcloud, dropbox, webserver …etc).

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I was thinking of something like Google Drive link that anyone with the link can view. But you’re right. I should think of a way that a person of Vendor A cannot share the document to his friend of Vendor B.

How can I have something like share button or action on the DMS and it will send that document to a Dropbox folder, for example?

Why not using workflows to handle that?

Here are some options to think of:

  • you could use a workflow action send document as email attachment to send the document directly
  • you could use another action call http request to start some related service with the document as input
  • another way is to mark the document in some way, i.e. to put it into a cabinet “ready to send” or create a tag for it, then use an external script that uses Mayan’s api to look into the cabinet periodically and then downloads and handles the document per your needs

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