Settings Documentsdownload

Hello all,
I’m trying to change the following settings “Document Download”, but I’m not sure what the correct name of the string should be.

I would like that when I receive the message I can click on the link and then a new tab opens.

This is what the string looks like so far:


<p>Die Dokumentendatei(en) befinden sich komprimiert (ZIP-Datei) unter folgenden Link: <a
  href="{{ download_list_url }}" target="_blank">.</a></p>

Can anyone tell me what the correct name of the string should be?

For me it is not clear what you want to achieve:

  • Email document link
  • Download document files

Could you elaborate?

The original string is:

    'The document files have been compressed '
    'and are available for download using the '
    'link: {{ download_url }} or from '
    'the downloads area ({{ download_list_url }}).'

so if you want to refer to the link it is

{{ download_url }}

If you want a link to the download area it should be

{{ download_list_url }})

Hi, sorry, I must have expressed myself in an unfortunate way.

I have already found the error. I forgot to make an entry in the ORGANIZATIONS_INSTALLATION_URL setting.

Now I can click on the displayed link in the message, as requested. (Hyperlink) see picture 1.

It would be cool if there was a setting that the hyperlink opens a new browser tab.

I hope you could understand what I meant.

What I haven’t figured out yet is how to change the file name and identifier.

Is there a possibility?