Search for „no tag“

Hi all , I would like to use search to find documents that don’t have a tag assigned to them yet. Is this possible ?

thank you very much for your work!

Best regards, Jörg

Try this solution:

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Hi Roberto,
Thank you for your answer :blush:.
Br, Jörg

Hello Roberto,
it works fine in the sandbox. I would like to find a list of all documents without tags via search. Unfortunately this is not possible with your hint. At least I don’t know how. With your hint I will now create an index that sorts all documents in Mayan by the number of tags via {{ document.tags.count }}. With this, the index should also have a folder named “0”. There I should be able to find the list the documents without any tag.
Many greetings Jörg

The Index works very fine :slight_smile: