Rest API - category- and cabinet-id in search model


We can use the rest api’s document GET endpoint with filter criteria to search for specific documents. I learned that we can use all the fields provided in the SEARCHMODEL, which contains for example document_type__label or cabinets__label. Everything is working fine so far when using those fields with the filter https://.../api/v4/documents/?filter_document_type__label=...

In some cases it would lead to better results when searching for a cabinet__id or document_type__id in stead of the labels, for example when having the same cabinet sub-structure for several cabinets with label duplicates:

-> Project A
   -> Invoices
   -> ...
-> Project B
   -> Invoices
   -> Cad
   -> ...

So the Invoices-Cabinets have the same label but different ids of course. Is there any posibility to use the id fields (foreigns keys) together with the filter options in the documents GET api endpoint?

Best regards,

No idea?

I know I could use the cabinet’s id with different api endpoints like

/document_types/{document_type_id}/documents/   ???? does actually not exist

But my intention was to use only one api endpoint (…/documents) with a single filter query to get all records beloning to a cabinet or a type together with other filter options (i.e. meta data) and supporting paging and sorting (actually the documents endpoint does).

Any possibility how to include cabinet and type ids in document list filter?

Best regards, Torsten