Recommendation for search backend

Hello there, Mayan-Forum members!

I am running a Mayan instance on version 4.4 containing about ~30k documents separated into cabinets. I have played around with some of the search backens but I never got the result I wanted.

Right now I am using the Django search backend, because it was the only one giving corresponding results. Now that the amount of documents on the instance is quite large for the Django search backend, which causes slow search speed, I was wondering if there is any recommendation of a search backend for my amount of documents/cabinets.

Sadly I am not really an expert, so I would really appreciate it, if a recommendation could be backed up with a quick notice on how I would change the search backend to whatever would be recommended.

Another problem I have with the Django search backend is the sheer amount of results I am sometimes getting. If my search is not too specific, I usually get over 400 documents as a results, which is not really helpful in finding the actual document I am looking for.

I am looking forward to any answers and hope that someone can help me with this situation, as I really like mayan and how it functions, but the search-function is a real problem as of now, since I can not find the documents I am looking for.