Option to pay for New Feature?


I was wondering if there would be any interest in Mayan offering the option for users to pay for a feature to be implemented, i.e. be a Feature Sponsor?

Another Open Source Project www.zammad.org offers that service.

For example, if we were willing to pay for a change/improvement in the Search Interface. That would prioritize it’s implementation in the next release.

Thanks for any feedback.


This is already available under custom contracts.

We do it this way because the coding of a new feature is just a component of developing custom features. There is also discovery, design, fine tuning rounds, optimizations, and support.

We support modifying existing features, adding new features, and even doing total Mayan conversions.

  • Credentials app

  • Automated importer app

  • Machine language document classifier using Google cloud based GPU models

  • Custom REST APIs

  • Contract management system built on Mayan

Many of the features available in Mayan today (like the Workflow system, ElasticSearch backend, Web links, OpenID authentication), actually came from comercial contracts. Custom comercial development is one of the top sources of innovation in Mayan.

Wow, that is great! Thank you for showing those examples.

Another example of why Mayan EDMS is a great product.

I’ll reach out to support services.

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I sent you an email, @roberto.rosario, hope you got it :slight_smile:

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