Number of documents in cabinets

My document flow I use cabinets to track documents in the shipping process.

There are new documents in the first cabinet.
The second one contains documents to be signed.
In the third one for shipping.
In the fourth it was sent, waiting for confirmation of receipt.
In the fifth, the documents have confirmation of receipt attached. There are documents in the sixth cabinet after the confirmation has been downloaded.

Each employee has his or her own locker with six subcategories.

Now he has to click on each one in turn to check where the documents are. You could add the number of documents in a given cabinet as a number, just like it is done with tags. Alternatively, the icon may indicate whether the cabinet is empty or has any documents.

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Sounds like a good idea.

Thanks for the request!

I tested the beta version. The top level cabinets display the number of documents. Unfortunately, cabinet sub-levels do not have this function.

For now only the top-level cabinets will display the amount of documents contained. This is because the widget for top-level cabinets is different from the one used for child cabinets.

We have been looking into generalizing the index widget so it can be used for cabinets too. When this is completed, it will be possible to show the document count in all levels.

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