No "upload new file" button

Clean install of docker-compose. The super-user adds a new document, I don’t have an “upload new file” button. Configuration out of the box, nothing changed. What should I do to make this button appear? Can someone explain step by step?

There is no such ‘button’, but have a look in the Document menu for New Document, which will start the Uploadassistant.

I described my problem incorrectly.

  1. I upload the document
  2. Another person downloads the file and signs the file with a qualified signature outside Mayan EDMS.
  3. At this stage I need to upload the signed file. Unfortunately, the “upload new file” button does not appear in the document version level.

I get this item in Actions when selecting the Files entry.

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It works great. I was confused by the version description in the documentation, I looked in the wrong place.