New user trying to get docker installation working with public IP

i am a new user to mayan
I have created a digitalocean droplet with docker where I want to host mayan.

i downloaded the docker-compose.yml and .env from

I am a little unsure what changes I need to make to the .env so i can access mayan from the public IP.

And do i need to make anyother changes to the .env or can i just leave it just as it is when i download it to just get it up and running?

Thanks for any help

Default conf has web frontend open in port 80.

Your linux in Digitalocean probably has included firewall, you need to open port 80.

If you want SSL (https /port 443) you may need to make some modifications to your conf.

You can either enable traefic (i have no experience with it yet) and disable mayan ports. Or you can get an external reverse proxy that does the SSL, like nginx.

I use nginx because i have my own certificate and find it easier to work with nginx than learing how to setup traefik to my use case.

thanks, it was the firewall

How did you fixed the problem with the digitalocean firewall? Good etiquette is to share answers too.

I ended up not using the nginx server. (since cors was already enabled on mayan there were conflicts) the the server hosting the docker image did not have port 80 or 443 open, once i opened those it worked.

I did have to manually edit
vi ./mayan-edms/lib/python3.9/site-packages/corsheaders/
and add

        response[ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_HEADERS] = ",X-Session-Token, ".join(conf.CORS_ALLOW_HEADERS)

for my installation. I do need to figure out how to do this edit better , kind of a hack right now but it works.