Multiple Authentications

Is it possible to activate OIDC authentication and username/password authentication at the same time?
The AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS parameter is defined as “A list of authentication backend classes (as strings) to use when attempting to authenticate a user.” and it makes me think it’s possible.
My need is to enable OIDC authentication for users using a frontend and to enable username/paswword authentication for my backend only (with a kind of admin user), which is responsible for uploading files to Mayan, creating cabinets, etc (so without having a login page).
Or do you have another idea for this kind of need?
Thank you and thank you for this great software.


Since version 4.2 Mayan includes its own authentication system and Django’s authentication backends should not be directly manipulated (Version 4.2 — Mayan EDMS 4.5.4 documentation).

At the moment it is not possible to chain multiple Mayan authentication backends. This is being evaluated but the use cases are too limited/specific/custom to justify a refactor.

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