Multi-tenancy with Mayan EDMS

Hello team,

Does Mayan EDMS supports multi-tenancy? I was trying to have it using Django Multi-tenant however I end up dealing with several issues when running the Migrations.
I have put all the Mayan apps under “TENANT_APPS”, but it was failing with file-caching apps. Seems like it was running even before migration. I commented the post-migration code from different apps which were calling file-caching. After which the migration ran successfully, however building the code started throwing multiple errors including some router erros.

Since I messed up a lot with the code, I do not have all the errors listed :frowning:
I will appreciate sharing your experience and resolution around having multi-tenancy in Mayan EDMS.


Mayan is very advanced and third party Django tenancy apps only work for simple cases as you’ve discovered.

We attempted to add native tenancy to Mayan in 2016:

The company sponsoring the work moved on to other things and the effort was abandoned.

Multi tenancy is appealing to cloud vendors looking to reseller a single installation of Mayan to multiple clients. In our experience cloud vendors don’t contribute back to Mayan (in terms of code, funding, or even hosting), so for us it is not a type of work worth pursuing.


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