Mayan Source Error

Hi @roberto.rosario thanks for the good job you’re doing for this community, I initially did an experiment test with docker swarm, however after our last discussion where you outlined some of the challenges as regards the network failure of docker swarm.

So I have tried to restore the “document_file_storage” and the pg_dump to the docker compose 4.4, everything seems to work very well but after I run docker compose logs -f I get the below error.

Seems one of your sources (one or more web forms) did not migrate correctly. Delete the sources and create them again.

Can you give a sample procedure on how to delete the sources without affecting the “app volume”.


This process is done in the user interface and is not related to the Docker “app volume”.

Go to setup, sources.

Delete the web form source.

Create it again.


Test it from the user interface by uploading a new document.


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