Mayan Access?

I am new to Mayan. While reading the documentation and using docker compose in AWS I saw no documentation as to how to access Mayan once the container is up and running. Am I missing something? Is there a generic access method when using compose v2 that I don’t know about?

You are correct. You should be using this page to guide the installation,

Hidden on that page is a link to this page

Towards the end of that page, it says

The files of the container will be store in the host’s /docker-volumes/mayan-edms/media folder. The container will expose its web service running on port 8000 on the host’s port 80.

The container will be available by browsing to http://localhost or to the IP address of the computer running the container.

If another web server is running on port 80 use a different port in the -p option. For example: -p 81:8000.

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