How to enter external source like NAS

I just installed Mayan EDMS and I want to specify source as a shared folder on my NAS (SMB), how do I enter this?
Because the SMB:// or just // don’t seem to work… plus I would need to enter credentials to access such shares somewhere? How does it work?
Do i Have to put all data on Mayan EDMS server?

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Mount the SMB in linux. Then set the volume in docker

Thanks for reply, but I didn’t install it in a docker. It’s an LXC in virtual env.
This means it can only scan files that are on same server? I wish using an SMB that is not on same server… not possible by design maybe?

I don’t know if you are using ProxMox to host your LXC containers. But here is a link that describes how to have the host (ProxMox) provide the SMB share to your containers.