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I found how to hide metadata from users’ view with ACLs but I’m using metadata as parameters for workflow and smart links which make them only changeable through workflows my questions:

1- Can I hide metadata from doc entry wizard?
2- Can I add metadata type to a document through a workflow even though its not linked with the doctype (none is selected).


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1- Can I hide metadata from doc entry wizard?

This can be done but only via code at the moment.

from mayan.apps.sources.classes import DocumentCreateWizardStep

2- Can I add metadata type to a document through a workflow even though its not linked with the doctype (none is selected).

It is not possible because the association is what keeps things coherent. Otherwise any metadata could be added to any document making a mess like trying to enter GPS coordinates as an invoice number. Removing the predictability of what can be associated with the document will have a cascade effect on other process related things that rely on metadata like indexes and smart links.

It can be forced but I don’t recommend trying this because other things that rely on that explicit association will most likely break.

Thanks Roberto

your suggestion will hide the screen of metadata entry, as per my understanding, I was trying to hide specific metadata types not all, something similar to what happens when a user adds metadata to a document (the screen shows only metadata types he has access to) this way i can manage who adds or changes what.

currently I’m testing overriding user’s entry and empty the metadata type field in the workflow , if the user is not authorized, i think it’ll work (but its not nice …lol).

if its currently my best option I’ll settle with that

thanks again

Sorry for jumping in here without being helpful but could you please explain how you hide certain metadata from users view? I want to add some metadata that should not be visible at least in document lists because the content is simply too long. However I’m struggling to find that possibility…

Oops, sorry… found it: Editing permissions on individual metadata fields

I understand better now thank you.

This is not possible at the moment because the default behavior of the third party wizard app we are using does not pass the user to the wizard instance. The wizard has no idea who is operating it. Without access to the user ACL filtering is not possible.

We have been adding our own extensions to this wizard class to improve the communication between the view, the wizard, the document objects and such.

We already solved this for the end of the wizard stage so that the events that happen during the document creation have the correct actor.



We have an item on the roadmap to extend this to the wizard initialization so that it has access to the user as the form is drawn. Once that is complete filtering of metadata, tags, cabinets, or custom objects during upload can be implemented.

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Version 4.5 was just released and included a last minute patch to enable this. Please give it a try.

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Thanks a lot Roberto

I’ll definitely will test it soon

I’ll feed you back

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