File Folder creations

normally before I launch a docker container, I need to make folders that match the names of the items in the volumes section of the docker compose file.

I’m struggling to read the mayan docker compose file with all the variables, May I ask what folders do I need to create?


I use folders to tidy my docker compose files (i.e. the .env and docker-compose.yaml)

The provided docker compose will automatically create the needed volumes and will expose for you the locally stored media files so you can put your custom settings.

I’m also new to Mayan, its an awsome solution, so I’m trying to reduce the learning curve for others with what I’ve found (some old timers may correct me if I’m wrong).

the persistent location is something like this:

Hope this helps

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basically, do I need to create the _data folder manually before running the compose command

I did not … its automatically created

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just note that when you change app name in the .env file a new app folder will be created in the same volume path