Entering the full document preview has no 'pages' button on side column

I’m running the Version 4.3.10 of mayan deployed via docker compose. Everything seems to work and I have uploaded several documents and the workers and ocr seems to have completed. However when I click the document title and enter the preivew, most of the buttons on the right side column seem to be there, but there is no “pages” or “OCR” button so I can’t access the pages view or the interactive document view or the OCR view as mentioned in the Mayan-EDMS book. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


I can only tell from version 4.5.2 (that I am currently using):
When you open a document by e.g. clicking on the title in ‘All documents’ you are automatically presented the preview. Clicking on that preview leads you the first page of the document including access to OCR.