Download center - wrong port in message

Hi, from the messages sections (or download center ?):

When I click on the link to access the zip file the systems ask me to go to a URL on port 8000…

But Mayan is installed on port 85… how can I change the text asking to go on port 8000 ? (if I mannually go to the url but on port 85, i can get the zip file)

or, is there a way to do this:
when I click on the zip file, can the system push the file directly to me ? (without the need to follow the link) ??

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Mayan tries to detect the installation URL but as an app behind the web server (and maybe reverse proxies) it can do so in limited scenarios. When it does not detect the correct installation URL you can override it with the setting ORGANIZATIONS_INSTALLATION_URL. Pass this as an environment variable MAYAN_ORGANIZATIONS_INSTALLATION_URL.


Thank you for your fast reply.


should I put the URL with or without quotes ?

issue solved, I entered the correct url, with quotes, and restarted mayan.

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This is a mess. Please reformat your post for good forum etiquette thanks.

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