Does IMAP Source work with Office365?

I’ve been trying to do what’s said in the title but i’ve ran into a problem on login. It seems like mayan is unable to login on the email that i want via office365 IMAP.

Did anyone manage to connect Mayan to Office365 IMAP or have a fix for my problem?

Thanks in advance!

If Office365 IMAP follows the standard IMAP protocol, it should work. Check the port number, in case it is a custom one.

Microsoft tends to add their customizations to standard protocols. If that is the cause, then it would be very hard to support their unique IMAP variation.

I tried to configure Thunderbird with the same configurations as in Mayan and it didn’t work. Had to change to OAuth2 authentication method both in IMAP and SMPT for it to login correctly. Might this be the issue? Mayan doesn’t seem to have OAuth.

The base IMAP RFC appears to indicate that the authentication is extensible to support new methods but there is no mention of native support for OAUTH on any of the RFC’s related to IMAP (ImapRFCList - Unofficial IMAP Protocol Wiki).

OAUTH authentication for IMAP seems to be vendor independent with Google being the only one I could find that offers a Python client for their custom IMAP xoauth2 protocol.

Python’s standard IMAP library has a call that appears to examine the server’s authentication methods (imaplib — IMAP4 protocol client — Python 3.11.5 documentation) but not much information is provided and there is no mention of OAUTH support.

Without an official Python library or publicly available documentation without constraints like NDAs about their IMAP OAUTH implementation it is unlikely that support for Microsoft Office 365 IMAP will be added.

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