Documents delete themselfs after some days if no file attached

Hi i have been developing an app with mayan, I have been creating documents daily to test things
And what I have noticed is that documents that are created (i have been creating them using the api) and dont have a file attached to it, dissapear after 2 or 3 days (they are not in trash and nowhere in the db)
Is that normal? Are all documents suppose to have at least one file attached to them? or is it something i am missing from configuration in the type of document or something
Thanks for the help in advance

As far as i understand is normal and the expected behavior.

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Documents without files are considered invalid. Internally we call them “document stubs”. Stubs are allowed to remain for a certain amount of hours to allow their file content to be processed. If the document stub doesn’t have any content on its expiration it is deleted.

As per a request and use case example provided by @legosiv, in version 4.5 we added support to disable this on a document type basis. This way you can decide to keep empty documents if you want.

Good day Roberto, thanks for the replay! I will be waiting for 4.5 update, cause that feature would help me a lot with some types of documents!
Thank you for your hard work

Dear @roberto.rosario . Thank you so much for the work that you are doing. I am eagerly waiting for the 4.5 update! Will it be released soon? I have very limited storage. Cant wait to remove some old docs.

Version 4.5 was released and includes this feature. Please give it a try.

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