Document continues to appear on users "recently accessed" even though user permissions removed

A user was given access to a document by mistake and consequently the permission was removed.
The user can no longer access the document’s contents but the document name still comes up on the home screen under “recently accessed”.
I tried to clear various things and even restart with docker compose restart but no luck?

The recently accessed document list is a sub list filtered by the Document view permission. As long as the user has that permission or access the document will show up in their list. If the document still shows up it means the user still has access via some method.

Check the “Global access control lists” button in the Setup view to debug.

Sub view

Parent view


Thanks for spending the time to get back.

In the global access control screen only 2 objects are listed. Those two are the ones the user is supposed to see.

I don’t see the other two objects. Is that what you wanted me to check?