Document calendar reminder?

I want to store invoices in the system and I would like to add a “payment due date” reminder on them (when they are tagged “unpaid”), to prevent forgetting paying an invoice ever again …

the reminder being an email or some other notification ?

is this possible ?

It is possible using a workflow.

This is untested but should give you a good starting point.

It has 4 states.

And 4 transitions.

The “unpaid” state has an escalation set to trigger at 30 days. This number is static. Setting the escalation dynamically to a document property is a planned future improvement.

Set the escalation to transition to expired after it triggers.

At the “expired” state add an action to send a notification.

Here you have access to the document properties.

You can also fetch the documents by state, either directly or from an index.
To find all expired invoices you can use the menu.

… or manually setting it to “expired” for the number of days untill the due date of the invoice ?