Docker Upgrade Didn't Chooch


I’m on Build number: v4.3.1-2-gf6250ec14f_Sun Aug 21 03:36:12 2022 -0400
Debian bullseye - docker ps

Followed the latest docker upgrade wiki page.

Brought everything down
backed up my composer.yml and .env
Brought in the new stuff
copied over relevant things.

Had to change a minor thing in the compose file for keycloak to be 1 instead of true and 0 instead of false but nothing too weird.

fired up the images again and they started without errors which is usually a good sign but I would get connection refused.

Checked open ports. I can see the correct ports are open.

I dunno what else to do so I rolled back my proxmox snapshot.

Next time, what should I be looking for? What docker commands should I be using to find out more?

Oh I think I see, I didn’t really think postgres would have been changed between minor version numbers or maybe I misunderstood what the project considers major.

Postgres:12.10-alpine was used on my version and the latest uses 13 which means I need to follow the database direction as well.

Okay, we’ll try that another day I guess.