Docker Swarm Node

Hi guys has anyone deployed with Docker Stack i.e Docker Swarm? What are the challenges are?
@roberto.rosario any suggestions as regards docker swarm deployment?

Swarm is an easy way to get into multi host orchestration deployments. It fits nicely between Docker Compose and Kubernetes. You have less control of the deployment and the services system but is also much easier to get started than Kubernetes.


Swarm missed the orchestration train. Failing to gain critical mass most plugins are obsolete, Flutter has been abandoned and deployments are finicky. Very easy to get zombie containers, (if they launch at all).

A Compose install of Mayan will serve you for the foreseeable future (500k or more documents). When/if you need to scale to multi host, just go to Kubernetes.

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Thank you very much for the insight, I have been finding it difficult deploy with the microK8s tutorial by @roberto.rosario the apps kept timing out.

I don’t know if anyone has similar issues.

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I followed the tutorial and worked perfectly.

In what stage do your apps timeout? Deployment, starting up, or request. Also all of them or just the frontend?

Also what do you mean by apps? Do you mean Pod, Service, Deployment, StatefulSet or ReplicationSet?

Check the deployment status, it can be an issue downloading the image from Docker Hub. They have very strict rate limits now.

If it is storage make sure you have at least 3 nodes. Longhorn needs to have at least 2 replicas of the volume to mark it as healthy.

Give MetalLB the correct IP address range otherwise the services will be stuck in preparation stage.

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I got stuck at this stage "microk8s helm install mayan-edms mayan-edms/mayanedms --create-namespace --namespace mayan-edms --values=values-mayan-edms.yml --timeout 15m --wait-for-jobs --version=4.5-2 "

with this "Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: failed post-install: timed out waiting for the condition "

Everything seems to be working well except the “mayan-frontend and the worker” deployment.

Knowledge base tutorial on the topic is now available: Deploying Mayan EDMS on Docker Swarm