Docker compose upgrade to 2.17.0 breaks yaml config


I’m running the docker compose installation on latest debian 11.
After upgrading docker-compose-plugin from 2.16.0 to 2.17.x, few errors popped up starting up the docker compose config:

yaml: unmarshal errors:
  line 72: mapping key "<<" already defined at line 70
  line 145: mapping key "image" already defined at line 139
  line 150: mapping key "restart" already defined at line 140
  line 217: mapping key "<<" already defined at line 215

I had to remove duplicate “image” and “restart” tags, and for the other lines I’ve followed this hint:

the docker compose lines before:

    <<: *mayan-container
    <<: *mayan-frontend-ports

and after, this way it’s starting and working:
<<: [*mayan-container, *mayan-frontend-ports]

Hope this can help someone.

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We encountered this recently while working on version 4.5. It took quite a while to figure out. This is independent confirmation that it is not a bug on our side.

I appreciate you taking the time to investigate this.

Thanks for the research and sharing your findings!

Fixed in version 4.4.6 (Version 4.4.6 — Mayan EDMS 4.5 documentation).

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