Docker-Compose no RabbitMQ Connection


i use your normal docker-compose file and setup .env. Containers are created but i get in mayandms container:

mayan: starting
mayan: update_uid_gid()
usermod: no changes
mayan: os_package_installs()
mayan: pip_installs()
mayan: initial_setup()
Failed to connect to the Celery broker at amqp://user:**@; timed out

On Host System i use a python script to test rabbitmq connection:

import pika
URL = ‘amqp://user:password@’
parameters = pika.URLParameters(URL)
connection = pika.BlockingConnection(parameters)

This work. When i insert wrong ip or credentials then i get a error.

In docker-compose.yaml i change your standard connection string to:

MAYAN_CELERY_BROKER_URL: amqp://user:password@

After rebuild container i get same error that you script can’t get connection.

What’s wrong here when PIKA and curl both works?