Correct template to use in a workflow to message user creating document

Hello Everyone,

I can’t seem to figure out the proper template to use in the “Send user message” workflow for the recipients. I’ve tried

{{ workflow_instance.user }}
{{ workflow_instance.document.user }}
{{ entry_log.user }}
{{ entry_log.workflow_instance.user }}
{{ entry_log.workflow_instance.document.user }}

None of those work.


I’ve been working on this some more, but I still haven’t found anything that works.

Does it not work for the Admin user?

Do you mean dynamically select the user instead of typing in a username?

Looks like {{ entry_log.user }} is ‘None’ when taking action.

Just to make sure: How do you trigger the transition? The user should be None when the transition was triggered automatically. The user will only be filled when you triggered the transition manually through the web interface.

However I don’t have an example for the correct template but I thought I saw examples of that before. But it could be that this was in the old forums.

Is there a place like the Sandbox where you can see this result?

I’m using the “Document File Created” Trigger.

I am using the “Default” Web Interface to create the document. So there is a User involved, I think.

Afaik the workflow does not have user in that case. I think you only get a user reference in the workflow when you used the workflow tab of a document to trigger a transition manually. I’m pretty sure that I saw a very similar discussion about this some time ago but I don’t think there was a solution. But maybe someone else is able to jump in here. You may want to try to get a user from a manual transition to see whether at least your template is correct. But this won’t really solve your initial problem of course.

That is helpful information.

Do you know if you can reference a Group? If I can message a Group (Not specific to the workflow), I think that would solve this use case for me.


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I stuck the template in message subject and body to see the result.

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Thanks! That’s a good idea!