Comments VIA the create document API do not seem to be working

I have tried using my app to make the api call and /api/swagger/ui/ to create a new document. The documents is created correctly bit the comment fields are empty.

The endpoint I am posting to is


using the swagger tool my payload looks like

  "description": "TESINT COMMENT",
  "document_type_id" : 5,
  "document_type": {
    "delete_time_period": 2147483647,
    "delete_time_unit": "days",
    "filename_generator_backend": "string",
    "filename_generator_backend_arguments": "string",
    "label": "string",
    "trash_time_period": 2147483647,
    "trash_time_unit": "days"
  "file_latest": {
    "comment": "THIS IS A COMMENT IN LATEST",
    "filename": "string",
    "pages_first": {}
  "label": "string",
  "language": "string",
  "version_active": {
    "active": true,
    "comment": "THIS IS A COMMENT IN ACTICVE",
    "pages_first": {
      "content_type": {},
      "content_type_id": 0,
      "object_id": 2147483647,
      "page_number": 2147483647

It creates the document, but when i look at the details of the doc the comments are empty

thanks for any help