Change system timezone and date/time format

I want to change the DMS instance (installing using Docker) to Hong Kong time zone and the date/time format in the system should be: DD.MM.YYYY.

On the timezone, I tried to update Django setting TIME_ZONE to: Asia/Hong_Kong or HKT, save the configuration and restart all docker container on my server. However, nothing change and the DMS still follow UTC timezone.

On the date/time format, I cannot figure out where to update it yet.

If anyone know how, please guide me. Thanks.

FAQ entry: How to change the time zone and/or the language?

Thanks Roberto. Is there a way to set a default timezone for every one in the DMS? Then, some users may have their own timezone. For example, most of the staff in Hong Kong so we don’t need to set the time zone for each of their accounts. Only need to set the locale for who is in other countries.

Also, there is no solution for the date format yet.

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