Cannot access documents in mirrored index


First, thanks a lot for Mayan which is quite amazing. I am setting up my first instance (version 4.6) and I am running into some issues with the mirrored index feature based on FUSE. So I got to the point that I can see the pdfs on my host file system (this is a Docker based install) as I would expect them:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-04 um 13.43.19

Note that I can see the file and I also see it’s file size. When I now want to access the file, then it is not there. The error is “cannot open … for reading: No such file or directory”. Investigating a bit deeper shows that in the container of the index profile I do see the index OK, but under /var/lib/mayan there are no documents shown. So it seems as if the documents are not correctly mounted to the index container and as such I cannot see them. To set index things up, I have defined in my .env file these things:



MAYAN_APT_INSTALLS="tesseract-ocr-deu python-fuse"

I am a bit lost what else to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a fresh 4.6 version install based on Docker compose.

Many thanks!


Not sure how I can edit my previous post - so apologies if this is bad practice to reply to myself in advance.

However, I just figured that I messed things up such that the above settings are not quite what got me to the point where I was able to see the documents in the file system as shown above (but I still cannot copy the files to somewhere else / so I cannot read them off the FUSE mount). The settings which get me there are:


note that the extra_setup_or_upgrade profile is used. In addition the extra install thing is set to


So no more python-fuse, which was needed for the last debian version, but not the current one.

I am seing the FUSE mount with the documents being listed, but then I can’t read anything. This is like “great it works” … “almost”…

Checking the log files from mayan and the logs from each docker container does not show me anything useful. The only thing I find noticeable is that the /var/lib/mayan/ directory inside the mayan-index_mirror-1 container does only have a file config_backup.yml and nothing else. The documents are not present there - not sure if that should be the case given that I can see them in others.

Any other debug information to consider?

While this is not my problem… doing a docker compose down is not sufficient to terminate the entire FUSE thing. I always have to do manually as root a call to fusermount -u /mnt/mayan_indexes/creation_date - only then the FUSE things are actually taken down. I noticed this as this causes otherwise problems with the LXC container this entire things runs in on my proxmox host (which is configured to allow for FUSE).

Again, many thanks for some pointers and I am happy to provide more details if needed.