Can I update OCR content on web browser?

I know that we can read OCR content of each document page in following template link:{PAGE_ID}/content/

But OCR content may be wrong, and sometime I need to modify it by hand.
Can I do it in browser, or by API ? In above link, I can not modify OCR content, and I don’t see any REST API to modify it too. I saw only rest api for submiting OCR or changing OCR setting

I would like this too as the OCR content is not update-able atm the mayan/api way.

The only option is to request an API in mayan that will allow for manual updates in the OCR content. (Preferably directly in the view with a save button)

As alternative you can write your own solution to update it into the db directly.

OCR editing was added in version 4.1, October 10, 2021.

Support for editing the document version page OCR content was added. This works via the user interface and the API.

This is documented in the API too.

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Now i see this option on web UI. Thank you for pointing out it.
Can you support me for one more question about smart link ?

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