Announcements at Login Displaying Erratically

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Mayan V4.4.6 logged in as “admin” via Firefox 113.0.1, and have set up two “test” announcements: “Test Announcement 1” and “Test Announcement 2”. Both are “enabled” with no start or end date times.

The first time I logout, both announcements are displayed as expected.

If I login and out again, only “Test Announcement 1” announcement is displayed.

If I then edit both announcements, change their labels to “Test Announcement 1 (EDITED)” and “Test Announcement 2 (EDITED)”, when I logout the original “Test Announcement 1” and “Test Announcement 2” announcements are displayed.

It seemed like a caching issue, so I opened up an Edge browser, logged on as “admin”, and it, too, displays the original “Test Announcement 1” and “Test Announcement 2” announcements.

Confirming that the announcements are still edited and still enabled:

The announcement functionality seems straight forward so it seems like a bug. But, if I’m misunderstanding how they work, I’d appreciate any enlightenment! Thanks!

(Mayan EDMS is a very impressive product. Well done!)

Looking into this. It does look like a template caching issue.

Thanks for the report!

Fix included in versions 4.2.16, 4.3.9, and 4.4.7.

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